Children’s Whole Life

Give your Children and Grandchildren a Meaningful Gift that Lasts a Lifetime with the Grow-Up® Plan

  • Child-size premiums–that never increase
  • Coverage doubles automatically at age 18
  • Guaranteed future insurability for your child
  • Coverage available up to $50,000 for children 14 days to 14 years old

An affordable way to help protect your child’s future security. Life insurance coverage that protects and builds cash value!

Coverage up to $50,000 with child-size premium rates

As a caring parent or grandparent, you want to give the children in your life every advantage possible. The Grow-Up® Plan is a simple and budget-minded way to get them started on the right path.

It is whole life insurance protection that builds cash value to help your child or grandchild prepare for the future. It has child-size premiums that never increase. You are the policy owner until the child reaches age 21, at which time the child becomes the policy owner.

Coverage grows as your child grows

At age 18, the Grow-Up® Plan policy amount doubles automatically. For example, a $10,000 policy doubles to $20,000, a $15,000 policy doubles to $30,000 and so on–with no increase in your monthly premium. That’s right, double the coverage at the same low premium–guaranteed!

Guaranteed future insurability for your child

Regardless of health, occupation or anything else, your child or grandchild has the guaranteed right to purchase extra insurance as an adult–continuing the valuable legacy of financial protection you started.

As an adult policy owner, your child will have up to four opportunities to buy additional insurance at ages 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, when he or she gets married or has a child. Each new policy can be up to the coverage amount in force at age 18. For example, a child with $50,000 of initial coverage will automatically receive double the coverage at age 18 and, by exercising the guaranteed options, will be able to purchase up to $400,000 of additional coverage as an adult.

Low childhood premiums that never increase

The best news is the Grow-Up® Plan is affordable. Your premium is guaranteed to never increase, even when the coverage doubles during the year your child or grandchild is age 18. Because premiums are based on your child or grandchild’s age when you apply, the sooner you apply, the lower the lifetime premium will be.

Payment protection — just in case

The Grow-Up® Plan offers optional payment protection at an additional cost. The Payment Protection Option (PPO) Rider on the policy owner covers all premium payments if the policy owner becomes totally disabled or dies before the child’s 21st birthday. The rider is available for purchase while the owner is between the ages of 18 through 50, and completes a short application underwriting either approves or declines. In addition, the insured child must be no older than age 18 as of his or her last birthday.

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1. Sample rates shown are for healthy children. Other coverage amounts and premium rates are available. Making annual or automatic monthly payments from your bank account will lower the premium. Please ask us for benefit amounts and premium rates not shown. Benefit amounts are subject to Gerber Life insurance limits. Rates shown do not include PPO Rider.
2. This rating is the third highest awarded out of 13 possible categories. The rating refers to the overall financial status of the Company and is not a recommendation of the specific policy provisions, rates or practices of the Company.

Additional information or a state-specific application is available. Policy Form Series ICC12-GPP and GPP-12

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