Final Expense Whole Life

Protect your loved ones from the burden of your final expenses

James Insurance Group, has designed the Senior Security plan to help you
protect your loved ones from the worry and financial burden of paying your final expenses.

  • Prevents the need to use savings or investments, and leaves other insurance to provide security for loved ones.
  • Rates will never increase
  • Coverage will never decrease
  • Builds cash value for you
  • Benefits are income tax free
  • Very competitive premium rates
  • No waiting period for full coverage. Your death benefit is fully in force immediately.

Benefits for death from suicide during the first two policy years are limited to the total amount of premiums paid. Refer to the policy for exclusions and limitations.

Secure Advantage – Whole Life Insurance

An immediate death benefit whole life policy which provides up to $50,000 in
coverage. Rates and cash values are guaranteed. Regardless of changes in
interest rates or any other factors, your death benefit, premium rates and
cash values will never change.

Accidental Death Benefit

Depending on your age, you can add up to $10,000 of additional protection in the
event of accidental death, for just a bit more premium. Protect your loved ones from the burden of the final expenses you may leave behind at the time of your death. Benefits can cover funeral costs, medical expenses, credit card balances, house payments, car payments, or any other expense. It can give your loved ones some help at a time of grief and stress when they need it most.

Did You Know?

    • • The average funeral cost is $7,755 according to a 2010 National Association of Funeral Directors survey. (1)
    • • Other costs can include non-covered medical expenses, house payments, and other


  • • Social Security only provides a $255 death benefit — that’s if you qualify (Social Security Rules and Regulations 404.390).

(1) Source: 2010 NFDA General Price List Survey.
Includes cost of regular adult funeral including following basic items plus protective burial vault to protect casket: non-declinable basic services fee, removal/transfer of remains to funeral home, embalming, other preparation of the body, use of facilities/staff for viewing, use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony, use of a hearse, use of a service car/van, basic memorial printed package, metal casket. Does NOT include cemetery, monument/marker costs or miscellaneous cash advance charges such as for flowers or obituaries.

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