Basics Of Financial Planning

The changing outlook for retirement

Preparing for the known and unknown

The retirement known: What factors do we know will affect retirement funding?

  • • We need to plan for longer retirements.
  • • We know the sequence of returns has a big impact on how long our money lasts.
  • • We know we need to prepare for a retirement that could cost more.
  • • We know health care costs are continuing to rise.

The retirement unknown: What factors in retirement funding are impossible to know?

  • • We don’t know how much longer traditional pension plans will exist.
  • • We don’t know the long-term solvency of Social Security.
  • • We don’t know how market volatility will affect retirement savings in the future.

Our Reclaiming the Future study shows that 86% of boomers want help protecting a portion of their retirement assets.1 We know we need more lifetime income for our clients to replace traditional pensions, and we know we need to try to protect our clients’ savings from market downturns. A product like an annuity may be able to help with both needs.

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